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[top] Abstract

Aideen, is an Iranian boy, born 1,101,453,400 seconds ago in Tabriz city in northwest of Iran. Aideen is the feminine dictation of his name among many other dications.

Aideen is now, doing 4th year (7th semester) of his study in Bachelor degree of Computer Eng. at Sharif Uni. of Tech. in Tehran, Iran. He likes his field of study and Programming, too much.

Aideen has a narcissist personality overall (urrgh...!). He likes Photography and Writing, and wastes his time by doing self-defined Open Source projects like Phormer and PsycHo.

[top] The Name

Aideen's official name in his passport is Aidin. However, there's various styles. See:

  • Aideen
  • Irish/Celtic name for females, means little flame (close to what Horm means in Persian: heat of fire). Another resource says: Aideen is the anglicization of the Irish name Étaín This name probably comes from a Celtic word meaning "jealousy." It was the name of an early Irish saint.
  • Aidin
  • Common in Tabriz city of Iran, with the meaning of dawn.
  • Aydin
  • The correct Turkish spelling. A turkish dictionary, mean Aydin as 1. well-lighted. 2. clear, lucid (speech, writing). 3. (in expressions) joyous, happy. 4. intellectual, enlightened person. It is also a province in Turkey.
  • EyeDean
  • Invented by my friend, C and has correct pronounciation of Aidin. Used in Phormer's authorship and Source Forge account.
  • Idein
  • The Greek etymology of Idea-Idean, means to see, related to eidos, the outward aspect or look of something. The idea is to be perceived, not conceived.
  • Idin
  • Short form. Used years ago in my Yahoo! ID -- idinbox.
  • Eadaoin
  • pronounced as 'Aydeen'. Irish, with the meaning of goddess of beauty.
  • I'd in
  • Deprecated ones. Also Eyed in and I'd inn
  • I, eYe, IDn
  • Just short signatures (i.e. --I and --eYe).

Aideen prefers none of them more than another; Hence, you can pick each one you like! However, To clearify, Aideen's privacy, if was enganged, use Aidin for Horm-related stuffs, and Aideen for which you see here!

This a brief about Aideen's personality. He

  • … Doesn't like chatting through instant messengers, and totally dislike any instantaneous react, like ping-pong!
  • … Can't bear walking with more than one person in the same time.
  • … Is strongly against democracy and voting with equal weights to decide. He believes in authoritarianism and thinks all group activites must have a Master and other should obey him, in case of a differ in opinions.
  • … Hates being under the sarcastic spot of close mates.
  • … Dislikes being in a hurry (although always is!).
  • … Can't work when the lights are on at night in his room.
  • … Hardly agree with contraception in very wide scale (to shrink world's population to 10% of current size).
  • … Dislikes selling his properties, even after buying a newer one.
  • … Dislikes having guests at home.
  • Hates Dislikes TV!
  On the other hand, he
  • … Loves running too fast. (specially while loud sound of a beating song is on his hears by earphones)
  • … Is satisfied of meeting new persons - having an email from an unknown person.
  • … Is a fan of PC strategic games: Civ-3, AOE-2, SimCity 3000, The Sims, Stronghold, Desperados II.
  • … Likes typing and typesetting. specially doing typography and learning Dvorak.
  • … Is in love with driving in cold nights, while window is open and heater is on.
  • … umm... Cleaning ground, sweeping room, washing bathroom, ironing clothes are in his favorite actions list.
  • … Likes teaching to newbies, web-related, algorithmic and programming materials.
  • … Is excited of watching Manchester United soccer matches!
  And finally he thinks, he can't live without