Self portrait in the mirror, May 2009.
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Aideen NasiriShargh
7th Sharif Internet Contest (1388): [22 Oct 2009]

Problems, solutions and codes are all designed and provided by Me, S. Seddighin, S. Mahabadi, H. Akhlaghpour and M. Safarnejad. The official homepage must be in website.

  • - 211 KB :: All Problems Description in English (12 pages)
  • - 275 KB :: All Problems Description in Persian (13 pages)
  • - 1.8 MB :: Suggested Solutions in details (32 slides)
  • -    9 KB :: Judge's (our) Codes (14 cpp files)
  • - 162 KB :: Selected I/O (excluding and due to file size)

Along with these, here are the codes of my team "Sibilization" in Regional 2009, Tehran site:

6th Sharif Internet Contest (1387): [27 Nov 2008]

Problems, solutions and codes are all designed and provided by Me, S. Seddighin and N. Ahmadi Pour. The official homepage must appear somewhere near here!

  • - 529 KB :: All Problems Description (16 pages)
  • - 623 KB :: Suggested Solutions (11 slides)
  • -    8 KB :: Judge's (our) Codes (10 cpp files)
  • - 316 KB :: Selected I/O (excluding and due to file size)

Along with these, here are the codes of my team "Anaconda Tigers of SUT" in Regional 2008, Tehran site:

  • -    8 KB :: AnacondaTigers codes (8 cpp files, e.cpp is lost)

5th Sharif Internet Contest (1386): [8 Nov 2007]

Problems, solutions and codes are all designed and provided by Me, H. Kaffash Bokharie, N. Ahmadi Pour, S. Mahabadi and V. Liaghat. The official homepage is here. (with a bunch of broken links!)

  • - 186 KB :: All Problems Description (14 pages)
  • -   13 KB :: Judge's (our) Codes (17 cpp files)
  • - 408 KB :: I/O (excluding,, K.out due to file size)

My BS Thesis: Suggesting and Evaluating a New Content-Based Measure to Find Similarity between Persian Weblogs [Dec 2009]

The work was to analyse Persian Weblogs, using their RSS (10 recent posts only) and attempt to classify them based on their used words.

For this manner, I crawled more than 9000 weblogs of Blogfa service and collected all their RSS's. Then, based on Blogfa Directory List I tried to figure out dictionary of each of near 50 categories and subcategories.

After applying some linguistic filters (e.g. converting non-standrad unicode characters to their equivlents and omitting step words and unnecessary suffixes and prefixes), I proposed a similarity measurement formula for two word-collections. Finally, using cross-validation method of testing and training, I got a result of 50% success which was close (and different-in-details) from the known TF-IDF method.

  • - 3.0 MB :: Final Version of Thesis (84 pages in Persian)

Intelligent Backgammon Player [Jan 2007]

The final project of mine in Artificial Intelligence course (presented by Dr. Halavati) -- A Backgammon Player who had improved his skill during 50 generations of Genetic Algorithms.

Improving Software Reliability of Small-Projects [Jun. 2008]

Marked as the best work of the course Software Engineering (in Spring 09 semester, presented by Dr. Mirian and assisted by Mr. Safi), the document contains about 30 valuable tips on improving reliability of Small-Projects. I used this term to name the projects that are done in less than 3 days, by less than 3 members and have less than 500 lines of code (e.g. ACM ICPC tasks).

Reading it, at least its 4th chapter, is what I recommend to all programmers, specially those who are practicing for ACM ICPC or IOI.

Presenting Phormer [Nov 2006 and April 2008]

Presentation prepared for Scientific and technical presentation course in Nov 06, presented by Dr. Jahangir and Documentation made for Systems Analysis and Design course in Apr 08, presented by Dr. Habibi.

  • - 1.5 MB :: Introductory Presentation (21 Slides)
  • - 2.6 MB :: A Thorough Engineering Doc (62 Pages, in English)

An Introduction to Bugzilla [Aug. 2008]

A presentation for Software Engineering Lab course about Bugzilla.

A Survey on Popular Mottos during 1986 Revolution of Iran [May. 2007]

Final project of Islamic revoultion and its thoughts course, advised by Dr. Abbas Maleki.

  • - 906 KB :: Survey Document (22 Pages, in Persian)

UML-Based Automation System for a bookshop [Jan. 2009]

Complete series of prepared documentation for Object Oriented System Design course, presented by Dr. Ramsin. A work with my friend, M. Mahini.

  • - 2.9 MB :: Project Documentation (82 Pages in Persian)
  • - 768 KB :: User Manual (13 Pages in Persian)
  • - 216 KB :: Installation Guide (5 Pages in Persian)

An Introduction to the Algorithms of Games [Aug. 2006]

The final presentation of mine for Design of Algorithms course, presented by Dr. Ghodsi. The presentation includes methods of representing states of a game, like in tree model and browses how to apply algorithms on, like alpha-beta pruning, with samples on Tic-Tac-Toe Game.

A similar work in English can be found in H. Ahmadinejad's homepage.

  • - 763 KB :: Presentation (19 Persian slides)

  • Multiple-choice problems in Algorithms (Book, in Persian). Co-author: Dr. M. Ghodsi. Under preparation.