Self portrait in my old apartment, Jan 2008.
Original version is available at here.
Aideen NasiriShargh

The official dictation of my name in my passport is Aidin. But I prefer to write it "Aideen". Here are various styles of writing my name:

Aideen Irish/Celtic feminine name which means little flame which is close to what Horm (the name of my secondary domain) means in Persian -- heat of fire.
  Another resource says: Aideen is the anglicization of the Irish name Étaín This name probably comes from a Celtic word meaning "jealousy." It was the name of an early Irish saint.
Aidin Official spelling of my name. Common in Tabriz city of Iran, with the meaning of Dawn.
EyeDean Invented by my friend, C, and has the exact pronounciation of Aidin. I am using it commonly as a nickname on the web.
Aydin Correct Turkish spelling. A turkish dictionary means Aydin as 1. well-lighted. 2. clear, lucid (speech, writing). 3. (in expressions) joyous, happy. 4. intellectual, enlightened person. Aydin is a province in Turkey, too.
Idein The Greek etymology of Idea-Idean, means to see, related to eidos, the outward aspect or look of something.
Idin Just a short form. Used years ago in my old Yahoo! ID: idinbox.
Eadaoin pronounced as 'Aydeen'. Irish, with the meaning of goddess of beauty.
I'd in Deprecated. So are Eyed in and I'd inn.
I, eYe, IDn Compact signatures (e.g. --I and --eYe).

Human Languages: Proficient in Persian (Native). Good at English. Familiar with Turkish and Arabic. Learning French.
Computer Lang's: Proficient - and in love with - C and C++. Skilled in Javascript and PHP. Good in Java. Can remember the last time touched Python, Prolog, Assembly, LISP, NS, MATLAB, TEX & bash. Forsaken Pascal and Basic.
Web and Markups: Excellent in HTML, XHTML and CSS. Acquaintance with XML.
Operating Systems: Skilled in Linux, MS Windows, MS DOS. Recently found how and where to left-click in Mac!
Editors: Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word. Skilled and addicted to GNU Emacs.
Human Sports: Good in Running and Soccer. Familiar with Basketball, Swimming and Chess. In hate of Wrestling, Ping-Pong and Volleyball.
Music Instruments: Acquaintance with accordion. Learning harmonica.
PC Games: Skilled in Resident Evil V, Civ-III, AOE II, NFS II, Stronghold Crusader I and Rise Of Nations. Good in single person games (GTA San Andreas, Desperadoes II) and FIFA 2003.
Online Games: Abandoned Travian. Yet a forum moderator of Iran Server of Travian.
Card Games: Gin Rummy (+2200 matches in Y!), Poker, Solitaire, Hearts.
Writing :: Horm (Weblog), Since March 2004:

Horm (the blog) is my personal weblog in Persian language. Since it contains explicit and personal notes, I do not like to be responsible for/about its content.

Photography :: Phorm, Since April 2005:

Phorm is my PhotoGallery page, currently containing more than 500 semi-artistic photos

Music :: Quag, Since October 2005:

Quag is my Music Box, containting ~50 favorites songs of mine.

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