The photo is taken by me on Dec 2005 in Sharif.
I don't know who is this man, though.
Original version is here in my photoblog.
Aideen NasiriShargh
Phormer [Since Sep. 2006] ::

Phormer is an open source PhotoGallery Manager in PHP. It's my first project on SourceForge and I learnt lots of ideas in developement, there. Like PsycHo, Phormer is also under GPL. You can download it for free from here.

   Phormer contains 6,000 lines of PHP, Javascript and CSS (~130KB). It had about 5300 downloads within first 6 months and now, it has about 20 downloads per day (a total of 21K Downloads till Dec. 2009). Some translation of it into Italian and French, and other languages are about to come!

PsycHo [Since Dec. 2005] ::

PsycHo is a template generator for weblogs. It customizes the template colors, columns, links, backgrounds, ... and finally gives a (W3C valid) HTML to you. PsycHo supports Blogger, PersianBlog and BlogFa. You can work with Psycho both in English and Persian.

   PsycHo, is all of HTML, CSS & javascript. Thus, no submission is required for that and it works even offline! The source size is 11,000 lines (~400KB) and under GPL. PsycHo had more than 480,000 visitors (143K visitors of Persian and 342K of English) within 4 years and at least 5700 weblogs has used it. On average it has about 350 visitors in English and 70 visitors in Persian, per day.

Totem [12 March 2006] ::

Development Duration: Three Hour! Totem, Unlike Phormer and PsycHo, is not a big project with thousands lines of code! It is only 54 line and 2.3KB!

   Totem is a public, login-less and almost simplest Blogging engine one can think of! I created that because I am a great fan of blogging and I wanted to have somewhere to leave my quick notes, as fast as possible. Have a test of posting to it at

CAST [On March 2006] ::

CAST, Concurrent ACM Status Trimmer, is a tool for me and my team-mates in ACM-ICPC to manage our codes and check our progress, in ZJU Online Judge.

   A derivation of it, named COST is customized for IOI-2007's training camp at May 2007.

ACM [On March 2006] ::

ACM, Atomic Comment Manager, is an abstract translation of Phormer's commenting module into Persian for particular use of weblog commenting.

Before entering univeristy and later in the first years of undergraduate study, Web Design was one of my favorite acitivies. I used to study HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript and later PHP and Mysql and joyed that.

On September 2009, by starting graduate study, I retired myself from Web Design works and thus, now I appreciate and say "No, Sorry!" to all offers.

However, here are some memorial works:

[www] Center of Workshops [2008]: Photography, Graphic, HTML, CSS
[expired] SOSAA 2008 Conference [2008]: HTML, CSS, Graphic
[expired] CSICC 2008 Conference [2008]: Graphic, HTML, CSS, PHP Hacks
[www] [2008]: CSS
[www] Prof. Ghodsi's Homepage [2007]: Graphic, HTML, CSS
[www] Aideen's Homepage (here!) [2006-2010]: Graphic, PHP, CSS
[www] Software Blog [2006]: HTML Design, CSS
[www] [2006]: Graphic, HTML, CSS
[www] DA Contest website [2005]: Graphic, PHP, JS, CSS
[www] Horm (and weblog) [2004]: Graphic, HTML, CSS
[www] ACM Blog [2004]: HTML Design, CSS