Hello World!

My name is Aideen NasiriShargh, officially Aidin NasiriShargh, and in Persian language: آیدین نصیری‌شرق.


I started programming in 1997 with a Commodore 64. Before finishing high school, I won an international silver medal in IOI 2004. I received my B.E. in Software Engineering in 2009 from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran.

In 2012, I dropped out of my Master's program in Artificial Intelligence and moved to the US to work at Google. Later, I joined Zoosk (Developer, Manager, and Director of Web Applications), Credit Karma (Staff Software Engineer), and Verkada (Principal Software Engineer).

I founded Codelita, my first start-up, in 2019. Our primary product is an online platform for "learning programming from scratch, on any device!"

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