My Name

Aideen is a feminine spelling of my name, but I am a he/him. I started writing my name as Aideen in 2004 to get my first-name's gmail and domain. It stayed with me since then!

Customer Support people pronounce my official name, Aidin, as "aide + inn" or "A + Den", and I am getting used to it. Yet, the way my parents call me on the phone is "eye + dean" (with the stress on eye, and no stop in the middle), and hence goes my common nickname, eyedean. :)

The Kid

No, this kid with the goggles is not me. He resembles my childhood, though!

Activities, Interests, Hobbies

I love learning. Random documentaries, Wikipedia's "random article" button, history, sociology, psychology, medical articles, cooking, meanings and references behind songs, and new languages are what I cannot stop learning.

I am also a huge fan of music. You can find me listening to Spotify 12+ hours per day. Discovering new songs, Classic (esp. Chopin), rap, rock, upbeat, meditation (bianural) are my favorites.

When it comes to activities, surfing, rock climbing, and spontaneous road trips are my things.

Finally, art and psychology have a special place in my life. Photography (playing with the angled lights), writing and reading short stories, acting/improv, and drawing/painting help me enjoy my life, even more!