Personal Projects

CodeeBoard™ (2019 - 2021)

CodeeBoard is a Virtual Keyboard for writing code in Touch (Mobile) Devices.

Built on top of Vue.js and in TypeScript, CodeeBoard™ is a proprietary and trademarked (patent pending as of April 2021) feature of Codelita™.

Tightly integrated with the editor, it allows coding/programming on the phone possible via: Navigation keys, Tab, Selection, Better positioning of common coding keys, etc.

Phormer (2006 - 2013):

Phormer is an open source (GPL), featureful PhotoGallery Manager in PHP (and no MySql).

Some features of Phormer (listed in its homepage) are: Commenting, Mass Upload (AJAX), Categorizing, Privacy, SlideShow, custom thumbnail generator, Ranking, Themes, Categorization, RSS, Statistics, EXIF, Backup, Update, I18n (partially Italian and French) and much more...

I did it to learn PHP as well as publishing open-source projects in SourceForge (equivalent of GitHub in 2006).

Phormer contains 6,000 lines of PHP, Javascript and CSS (~130KB). It had about 5300 downloads within first 6 months and a total of 21000 Downloads till 2009.

Totem (3/12/2006):

Totem is an open source MicroBlogging service in just 53 lines of PHP/JavaScript/CSS!

I wrote it in one evening (March 12th, 2006) in just three hours, to have a simple microblog of my own and leave my quick notes, as fast as possible. Jokingly, it can be considered a grandfather to Twitter and ZenPen!

Totem is a public, login-less and possibly the simplest Blogging engine one can think of!

PsycHo (2004 - 2007):

PsycHo is a template generator for weblogs.

It allows customization of template colors, columns, links, backgrounds, ... and finally generates a (W3C valid) template.

PsycHo supports Blogger, PersianBlog and BlogFa, and is available in English and Persian.

I built PsycHo when I was 18 and was connecting to the Internet via a dial-up connection. It help me learn JavaScript.

PsycHo is entirely written in HTML, CSS and 11,000 lines of JavaScript. Back in the day, it was a hit -- I had half a million visitors from all over the word!