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These days, Aideen is involved in:

  • DA Book: Adding tests, choices and solution to the book of Dr. Ghodsi & I.
  • Phormer: Fixing bugs and adding requested features of Phormer.

  • By Dec 2007: ACM: Practicing for ACM ICPC along with Hossein and SP in beloved Emacs and cute ZJU!
  • By Sep 2007: Instructing Programming From One!: Tuesdays, 10-12 at CE site.
  • By Sep 2007: Summer Camp of YSC: Managing classes and being with 34 students of Informatics olympiad camp of YSC.
  • By May 2007 Instructing Simple Webbing: Mondays and Tuesdays, 12-13 at CE site.
[top] Projects

Aideen is interested in doing self-defined web-projects. Here is a list of them:

  • Phormer
  •  Since September 2006, at http://p.horm.org/er
       Phormer is a PhotoGallery Manager in PHP. It's my first project on SourceForge and I learnt lots of ideas in developement, there. Like PsycHo, Phormer is also under GPL.
       Phormer, has lots of useful features, listed at its homepage. examples are: Commenting, Mass Upload (AJAX), Categorizing, Privacy, SlideShow, part-of-shot thumbnail generator, Ranking, Themes and modes, RSS, Statistics, EXIF, Backup, Update and much more...
       Phormer is 6,000 lines of PHP, Javascript and CSS (~130KB). It has had about 5300 downloads within first 6 months and now, it has about 30 downloads per day. A translation of it into Italian and French is about to come!

  • PsycHo
  • Since December 2005, at http://psyc.horm.org
       PsycHo is a template generator for weblogs. It customizes the template colous, columns, links, backgrounds & ... and finally gives the (W3C valid) HTML to you. PsycHo supports Blogger, PersianBlog and BlogFa it's also available in English and Persian.
       PsycHo, is all of HTML, CSS & javascript. Thus, no submission is required for that and it works even offline! The source size is 11,000 lines (~400KB) and under GPL. PsycHo had more than 130,000 visitors (65K visitors of Persian and 67K of English) within 16 months and at least 5700 weblogs has used it. On average it has about 140 visitor in English and 100 visitors in Persian, every day.
       PsycHo is not updated since Jan 2006. Aideen is wishing to find enough free time (or a companion!) to rock it again: Support Blogger 2, Support WordPress, MovableType, BlogSky, Read posts from RSS of desired weblog AJAXly while loading and other features to add! Feel free to contact Aideen, whenever you were interested in continuing PsycHo.

  • Totem
  • One afternoon on March 2006, at http://etc.aideen.org/totem/index.phps
       Totem, Unlike Phormer and PsycHo, is not a big project with thousands lines of code! It's only 54 line and 2.3KB!
       Totem is a public, login-less and almost simplest Blogging engine! I created that because I am a great fan of bloggin and I wanted to have somewhere to leave my quick notes, as fast as possible. Have a test of posting to it at http://etc.aideen.org/totem/

  • CAST
  • On March 2006, at http://etc.aideen.org/cast
       CAST, Concurrence ACM Status Trimmer, is a tool for me and my team-mates in ACM-ICPC to manage our codes and check our progress, in ZJU Online Judge.
       A derivation of it, named COST is customized for IOI-2007's training camp at May 2007.

  • ACM
  • On March 2006, at http://etc.aideen.org/acm/acm.zip
       ACM, Atomic Comment Manager, is an abstract translation of Phormer's commenting module into Persian for particular use of weblog commenting.

Aideen likes Art! He's categorizes his amateur artistic activities as below:

Aideen is almost expert in PHP, XHTML, Javascript and CSS. Some of his disigned websites are:

[top] Skills

  • Human Languages:
    • Proficient in Persian (Native).
    • Familiar with English.
    • Acquaintance in Turkish and Arabic.
  • Human Sports:
    • Good in Running and Soccer (Football).
    • Familiar with Basketball, swimming and chess.
    • In hate of wrestling and volleyball!
  • Programming Languages:
    • Proficient in (and in love with) C and C++.
    • Skilled in Javascript and PHP.
    • Acquaintance with Python, Prolog, Assembly & bash.
    • Forsaken Pascal and Basic.
    • In hate of Java and its idiotic prohibitions for dummies!
  • Web and Markups:
    • Excellent in HTML and XHTML.
    • Excellent in CSS.
    • Acquaintance with XML.
  • Operating Systems:
    • Familiar with Linux, MS Windows, MS Dos.

Aideen, also, is interested in:

  • Soccer: He attends a soccer training, 2 session (1.5 hours each) per week.
  • Swimming: He did it almost every noon (in summer) in home's pool. Now, in winter, he does it about once a week with his father!
  • Music: He always listens to music, either via his MP3-Player while is on the way, or through his PC, whenever he's coding or surfing the web.
  • Yahoo! Gin: He has played more than 2100 2200 matches in Yahoo Gin and still doing on!