Aideen NasiriShargh
Before entering univeristy and in the first years, Web deisgn had been one of my favorite acitivies. I used to study HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript and later PHP and Mysql and joyed that!

But, now, I have almost no time for these stuffs and reject all offers.

Center of Workshops:

Photography, Graphic, HTML, CSS

SOSAA 2008 Conference:

HTML, CSS and Some Graphic


CSICC 2008 Conference:

Graphic, HTML, CSS, PHP Hacks

Graphic, HTML, CSS

Horm (and weblog):

Graphic, HTML, CSS

DA Contest website:

Graphic, PHP, JS, CSS

ACM Blog:

HTML Design, CSS

Software Blog:

HTML Design, CSS

Prof. Ghodsi's Homepage:

Graphic, HTML, CSS

Aideen's Homepage [here]:

Graphic, PHP, CSS