Frequently Asked Questions

I love meeting new fun and interesting people and/or help. However, if your inquiry is one of the following, you might want to save some time.

Otherwise, if your question is not in the list below, feel free to shoot me an email at


  • Are you available for a new poistion?

    I am currently focused on my own start-up, Codelita, at least until early 2022.

    So, if you don't know me, and/or you are a recruiter or sourcer searching for a Software Engineer or Engineering Manager, that's very likely not me.

  • Are you available for a new project?

    I can extend my hours per day for something fun and really cool!

    So, if it's a unique idea and it's funded, send me a note with honest and accurate details. Thanks!

Resume and Interviews

  • Can you take a look at my resume, and/or give me some interview tips?

    I'll be glad to! Send me an intro, your LinkedIn profile, and the Google Doc version of your resume and we'll take it from there.

    Note that while I have reviewed thousands of resumes and conducted hundreds of interviews, my opinions are just mine. Every company and every hiring manager is different. So, don't take my feedback as "the right answer."

Mentorship and Teaching

  • Can you teach me how to ...?

    I have devoted my life to change the current education system and make it more optimized. Codelita is an example of that.

    Thus, I am generally not interested in 1:1 teaching. I hope you find a good tutorial on YouTube.

  • Can you be my mentor?

    I cannot commit to any fixed schedule or recurring meetings. However, if you are sure that you ...

    1. are a good listener,
    2. are a go-getter,
    3. take notes,
    4. come with a clean slate and enjoy learning,
    5. know what you are after,
    6. follow up on the keywords and references,
    7. responsibly pick up and focus on your tasks,

    ... then I will be happy to support you! Just shoot me a note with your resume and LinkedIn profile.


  • Can you help me with ...?

    I'll be happy to help, only if what you are asking passes both the following conditions:
    1. It cannot be found, answered, verified, or researched via google.
    2. You are sure that I am the right person for it.
    If so, hit me!